Thursday, January 28, 2010

End of DLC

***I haven't updated this in a while because I've been traveling and without a computer***

The last Tuesday of the DLC was fun; most of the kids in our program all went out to a club (a new one this time) which was really big and is supposed to get some good DJs every now and then.  There weren't any eventful stories from that night though.

The Wednesday and Thursday were just studying for, and taking our final exams for the DLC.  The test was pretty easy and I'm sure I did well in the course.  Our last Culture lecture in the DLC was given to us by the Dean of University College Utrecht.  Someone in the class asked if there was an issue at all with biking under the influence (because you can get a ticket for that in the 'States).  The Dean responded that everyone does it and it's not an issue at all.  He included a story about how he woke up one time in a hedge on the side of the road still 1/2 way on his bike.  Hopefully the professors in Maastricht will be as cool.

Thursday night was the Great American Challenge.  We had slightly varied rules because Europe has everything in different quantities.  It was tons of fun but we didn't finish the puzzles (or even really put a dent in them).  By the time all of the other parts were done we just decided to go out to the bars.

We had to return our room keys by 11am the next morning at our final farewell party.  I wasn't nearly finished packing by the time that came around so it was lucky that Mario (the Portuguese guy in our suite) was there to let us back in after).

On that Friday afternoon we went down to Maastricht to drop our bags off at the Guesthouse (the I-House type building which I'll be staying at all semester) and then 7 of us (Mario was to meet us there) all left for our first international trip to Brussels.

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