Monday, January 18, 2010

Field Trip

On Friday we went to The Hague, which is essentially International Capital of the world.  The International Criminal Court, the United Nations, and the Primary Court of Arbitration are all there.

We took the train there and started off at the Peace Palace which was a really pretty building and is the center of a few different international organizations and is where all the ambassadors to The Netherlands were meeting that day.

We walked from there to the Binnenhof (the house of parliament in The Netherlands). 

Other than the palaces and parliament being there, the city itself wasn't much different from Utrecht.  Probably a bit more upscale but that very well could have just been the neighborhoods we walked through.

After lunch (where I ate a lovely Subway sandwich) we went to an art museum called the Mauritshuis in Utrecht where we saw some Rembrant, Vermeer and a bunch of other religious paintings.  We were all so tired from walking around and a long week that by the time 3pm rolled around it seemed more like 7.  That's also due to the fact that it gets dark so early around here.

Our exhaustion, of course, didn't keep us from the usual late-night activity of drinking and going out to bars.  The schedule is so much later here than back home; we won't even go out until past 11pm (sometimes 1am) and won't come home until 4-7am.

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