Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Bar

Last night a bunch of kids from our program came over to my dorm. Even though around 15 people live together on the other side of town, my room is much more centrally located and has a lounge (as seen in picture). We played a few drinking games and got to know everyone a bit better.

After a while of that we decided to go out to a local bar but stopped at a floor party some other Americans were hosting in my building. I met two people who went to UCSB, another Australian and a few Germans as we socialized there for a bit.

Eventually we made it to the bar in the freezing cold and had a lot of fun there. I definitely met a bunch of locals and just talked about life and what there is to to in Utrecht. Everyone there was very friendly and I'm sure they were rather amused to see a huge group of ignorant Americans who don't know any Dutch at their local bar. Two people bought me drinks and refused payment in return. I exchanged phone numbers with a few (girls and guys) and hopefully will get to meet up with these locals some more before leaving for Maastricht. A few of the guys who live in the other housing (Bologna) stayed over at my place because it's so much closer.

Overall a very good night and we're definitely closer as a group from it. Some fun stories too.

Today we were planning to go to Amsterdam but there was a bit of snow this morning, which means the trains might not all be working. We were just all very tired and decided to save it for another time.

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