Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First day of Travel

My first flights was from Santa Barbara to LAX at 6:30am so I didn't sleep at all the night before...

I had a layover for a few hours in Chicago and my flight was delayed which made it even longer but I made friends with some kids from St. Louis who will be studying in Leiden for the semester. We ended up sitting near each other on the plane and exchanged emails. Hopefully I'll get to visit them (and vise-versa) sometime in the semester. I'm glad it didn't take long to make some friends in this foreign country.

When I got to Amsterdam I met up with the only other kid from Cal who's going to my same city. We took the train to Utrecht (where I'm spending my first 3 weeks) and of course got on the wrong one at first. It took us three trains total to find our way but gave us a chance to see some of the local countryside.

I just arrived at the University in Utrecht not too long ago and met a bunch of the other UC kids who will be studying here. I'll get my room soon and get all settled in.

Time to start the next chapter in my life experiences.


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