Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Impressions of Utrecht

So I'm going to be in Utrecht for 3 weeks studying basic Dutch Language and Culture. The language class is supposed to be the equivalent of taking a quarter of a language so it'll actually consist of studying & reading etc. I'm prepared to do school work while I'm here but just hoped that it wasn't going to start until the end of January when I actually get to my host-University.

I'm living in a double here with my roommate being from UCSC (our program is only EAP right now). After getting settled into our room we all went out to a Pancake Dinner. The entire menu was pancakes, omelets and other breakfast foods. But you could order it with plenty of toppings (Sausage, ham, peppers, onion, tomatoes, cheese, anything...)

We walked around the town a tiny bit before finding a grocery store, buying some breakfast items, and heading home.

It's freezing cold here in the Netherlands. According to the taxi driver from the train station: colder than most winters and we're supposed to get some snow in the next few days. In fact, as we were walking around this evening a few flakes started to fall.

It seems like the internet here works just fine.... Other than the grocery store not taking Visa/Mastercard it seems like there aren't too many societal differences that I've noticed.

First day done. 219 to go :)

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