Friday, January 8, 2010

Start of Classes

Today we had the start of our Dutch Culture class. The main professor in charge of the DLC actually studied abroad in Berkeley for a year when he was a student. He just talked to us about the basics behind Dutch culture and mannerisms. It was very question & answer focused and was nice to just be able to talk about things instead of actually have to take notes and study. Hopefully the rest of this program will be like that. We do have reading to do this weekend though.

Last night's dinner was a lot of fun; we made a great pasta & sausage dinner for a small group of us and got drunk in my common room. Tonight we're planning to do something similar for dinner and go out to a local bar with more people from our program.

It's supposed to snow a lot this weekend so the trains might be closed, but a group of us are planning to go to Amseterdam tomorrow for the day (maybe a night). There's a card in The Netherlands which costs under $30 and gives you free admittance to any museums in the country for the year and EAP reimburses us for that, so we went and got that card today. We'd go to a few museums in Amsterdam, the Heineken factory and then go out at night.

I'm also planning to rent or buy some ice skates and go mess around on the local pond. Should be fun. We saw some school kids going ice skating for their lunch break. We play foursquare and kickball... they get to play ice hockey!


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