Monday, February 1, 2010

Arrival in Maastricht

I got into Maastricht on Wednesday night and met a ton of Americans on the train there.  They happened to be a huge group of 40 kids from Baylor who are all studying in Maastricht and living in the GuestHouse (the I-House here).  Before arriving I again, made some new friends :)

I'm living in a double in the GuestHouse right down the hall from Evan.  My roommate right now is from Rome and was studying here all last semester but is leaving to go back to his home University today.  He's really nice and introduced me to his good friends and showed me around for my first weekend.  As far as I know I'm not scheduled to get a new roommate so that'll be nice to have a double to myself.

Maastricht is a very student-oriented town (little fun fact: it has the highest cafe/population ratio in the country and over 350 bars).  It's about the same population as Santa Barbara but seems smaller because most things are within walking distance (certainly biking).  It's also very very international.  The school is the youngest in the Netherlands and has a huge international focus.  I really love it and am glad that I'll be making friends from all around Europe/the world.

As I was warned, the local Dutch students and international exchange students don't really mix all that much.  I've heard that the full-time students go to different bars and don't really make many friends with the international groups.  It also helps that most all of the international kids live together in the GuestHouse.

This weekend was relatively uneventful.  I did some shopping and just tried to meet as many people as possible.  I've made good friends with a group of Spaniards from Madrid who were all here last semester.  It's great for my Spanish and they're just all great guys.  One of them also has season tickets to Real Madrid so I have to keep in touch with these guys.  I've also been hanging out with Evan and a few other guys he met when I was traveling.

So far things are great and I'm really enjoying myself.  It's going to be a good semester.

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