Friday, June 18, 2010

Queen's Day

April 30th

Queen’s Day is a celebration of the Netherland’s Queen’s birthday.  It’s the biggest national holiday in the country and although people celebrate all over the place, the main festivities are all in Amsterdam.  It’s a huge festival where everyone wears as much Orange as possible.

I, along with most of the Maastricht kids (and, well, most people in the country) all trained to Amsterdam that morning.  The trains were absolutely crazy and crowded, as were the streets.  The canals were full of boats having their own parties.  The way I equated it was like Santa Barbara Halloween, where it’s the entire city of Amsterdam, and everyone is wearing the same costume (Orange).  The most fun was the fact that there were a bunch of different stages & concerts setup throughout the city – the biggest of which was said to have 250,000 people at.  DJ Tiesto was the headliner although there were a bunch of other good artists as well.

Such a fun day! It was definitely cool event.

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