Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rome Trip

March 4th - 7th

Day 1:
Arrived in the late afternoon and took the bus to the train station.  When I got to the apartment of the DX boys I didn't know their specific number so I knocked on random doors until I found theirs.... David/Josh were there.  Josh was sick unfortunately so stayed in most of the time.  Mike & Will were out of town at the time on respective trips.
I went out to dinner with David... didn't go out at night, just took a relaxing night.

Day 2:
Mantell and I walked around the city, he showed me the Pantheon/Ceasar's death place/Senate building/Random ruins etc.  Overall it was a great day getting to explore all the different ruins of Rome.  It had been so long since I'd been there that it was great to see everything.
That night we went to dinner with friends (including a few berkeley girls).  Then we pregamed & went out to a club... it was the usual scene except David, unfortunately didn't get into the club (an issue with bouncers or something) so we called it an early-ish night.

Day 3
Mantell was really tired so I went off on my own, walking around Rome (a similar day to the one before).  Went to the Pantheon again, Piaza Navona (of which I had a ton of memories from years before), Trevi Fountain, general walking around & exploring the city.  
I went to a few places Will/Mantell hadn't even been to (behind their neighborhood.  Got a good panoramic view of the city.
That evening Will/Jason got back. It was funny talking to Jason about living with my family. 
At night was the Roma game.  We pregamed at an apartment together where I saw Lazar for the first time.  I didn't have tickets and couldn't scalp anything so I watched it at a bar next to stadium. Luckily it wasn't that exciting of a game to have gone to (0-0 tie).
Went out that night to "Campo", which is the student (especially American) going out area.  Nothing notable... they introduced me to their new Rome friends.  It was definitely fun to see their scene. Unfortunately we didn't meet any Italians (although that's part of the nature of their program).

Day 4
Walked around with the boys around.  It was nice to get some time hanging out with Will.  We went to their favorite Gelato place... the Spanish steps.
Then  I to colliseum with [Berkeley] girls. They had never been before so it was good to get them out there.  I have few memories from there.
Went to the forum alone, met up with group tour and actually met some AIFS (the program Will/David etc were all on) people. I liked the tour guide a lot and agreed to go with him to the vatican the next day.
The Leivenberg parents were in town, so they took us to dinner that night. We went to a bar then dinner all together.  Great food, good fun overall.
Night was Campo again, which was relatively similar to the previous night except that Sevy was there, and it was obviously great to see her!

Day 5
The only thing left do see in Rome was the Vatican. I did the tour with the guide from the day before. It was really cool and interesting.. but nothing particularly special about it. 
I left that afternoon for back home.

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