Friday, June 18, 2010

Spring Break - Barcelona

Day 1 - April 2nd 
I arrived in the afternoon and met up with my couchsurfing host (this is the first time I’d ever couchsurfed) who was extremely friendly.  When I got there he had a key to his apartment and we took out the map and he just started circling differing places that I needed to see and told me which metro stations to get off at etc.  I first went up to Park Guell, which I have memories of from way back in the day (the last time I had been to Barcelona was 12 years ago).  I met other Americans along the way and hung out with them for a bit.  I had dinner with my host and his friends that night, and then went to gay bar/club (my host, along with his roommate and friends were gay)

Day 2 – April 3rd
Woke up late-ish, walked around on my own, went to the Rambla, which was exciting and full of energy.  I went to the market and bought Jamon (obviously a Spain-must), then walked down to the beach for the first time in months.  Walked around for a few hours more as I slowly made my way home.
At night I had dinner with host (which started at 11:45), then went to a club called Razzmatazz.   Met a few Americans on the metro on the way there (it was just a coincidence that we were going to the same place… although it made sense because the club was huge).  At the club I met up with Henrique/Ashley/Elisa/Jennica, who happened to be in Barcelona at the same time.  It was a really fun night at a really big crazy club, but the rest of our crew didn’t have the best time: Elisa lost her camera, Jennica lost her purse/jacket, and Ashley lost a jacket.

Day3 – April 4th
This was my most uneventful day of the whole trip – I woke up late… had lunch with my host and his friends, then walked around town for a bit, but didn’t do anything particularly special.

Day4 – April 5th
Today I walked with Elisa around the Olympic area.  It was pretty although not too interesting (except there was a concert being held there that attracted a lot of gothic teenagers).  We then went up to a fort via cable car, which gave us a good view of the ocean & city.  I didn’t do much else that day, but went back with Elisa and had dinner at their hostel with the DLC girls (Elisa, Ashley & Jennica).  I then went out to bars with the American girls I met the night before.  Lowkey but definitely fun.

Day4 (April 6th)
My last ½ day in Barcelona.  The only thing left on my list was La Sagrada Familia, which is what I did.  It was definitely interesting and cool but kind of crazy that it’s taking over 100 years to complete.  I didn’t have time to go in it… I went back home and took my evening flight to Sevilla.

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