Friday, June 18, 2010

Spring Break - Madrid

Day 1 - April 10th
I took a bus up from Sevilla to Madrid, slept whole way (because I hadn’t slept at all the night before). I met up with couchsurfers at a small café for tapas.  My host was pretty involved in the couchsurfing network so he had planned dinner at a bar with a bunch of other couchsurfers/hosts around Madrid.  We watched the Real Madrid – Barcelona game (unfortunate result) during dinner.  Then went to a bar, then to a dance club with some of that same group.

Day 2 - April 11th
I only had one day to see Madrid so I did the usual of walking around entire city.  I forgot my camera charger on this trip and mine ran out of batteries that afternoon so I was lucky in that it lasted the entirety of my trip.  That evening I met up with Kisha & Adam at a bar (they had been studying in Madrid all semester).  

My flight the next morning was at 6am, so I planned to just take the last metro to the airport and spend the next few hours in the airport.  Well I ended up getting back from seeing Kisha a little too late so I missed the last metro.  At this point I either had the choice to wait around for 2+ hours and take a taxi to the airport or…. Instead I chose to start walking.  I knew, in general, where the airport was but the map of Madrid I had didn’t actually reach all the way out there.  By the time I got to the edge of the city I saw roadsigns to the airport so decided to take those road (which was more of a freeway) instead of any side-streets.  So for about an hour and a half I was walking along the side of the freeway on my way to the airport.  Eventually I wasn’t sure if I was going in the right direction anymore and my flight was coming up so I went to a hotel and called a taxi, which I took the rest of the way there.

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