Friday, June 18, 2010

Spring Break - Sevilla

Day1 - April 6th
I arrived at night and had already been in contact with a few friends from when I lived there before (in 4th grade and then again went back in 7th). They picked me up from a bus stop.  I had dinner with their family (at 11pm) when I got in… didn’t do anything that 1st night.

Day2 - April 7th
I woke up relatively early and walked all around the city. I did the usual of what I do: walked around enjoying a city.  Definitely memory lane. Went from downtown à La Giralda à Alcazar à Torre de Oro à Parque.    I didn’t do much else that night either; my friend I was staying with had class early the next day so I stayed at home.  I needed some relaxing time anyway because of late nights in Barca.

Day3 - April 8th
Went into the city with Pablo (my host) and had lunch with him.  Then we met up with Julie Miller down by the river.  We hung out with her and her friend for a while by the river.  The weather was amazing and I was very happy to just relax and hang out (instead of other trips which had been go-go-go).  I went and checked out Julie’s apartment from there.  Then I got picked up by Miguel Jove (explain Jove sitch).  Went out to dinner with them… much fun. Amazing to see them all again.  I got dropped back off at the Acosta’s house then went out to a club with the boys.

Day4 - April 9th
I had lunch with the Jove’s at their house, which was so much fun and full of memories.  I hung out with the fam for a while and then met up with Alberto/Anna (my parents old Spanish tutor from when we lived in Spain).  Like everyone else… it was amazing to see them again.
I went out late at night.  The pregame was on the street with everyone pulling up their cars onto this one really long road… getting out, blasting music and pregaming (except the drivers, of course).   We were on the list for the club we went to J where I saw a bunch of other friends from CIE (my old school in Spain).

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