Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 1: Cologne, Germany

So here goes.  School is over, my exchange in the Netherlands was one of the best experiences I've ever had.  Now it's time to start a brand new adventure.  I will be traveling for almost two whole months all around Europe.  I'm trying to see as many places, meet as many people, have as many adventures and stories and life experiences as possible.
As you'll see... I am really traveling a ton and while I wish that I could stay longer in all the different places I'm going... between the choice of getting in-depth knowledge of a few places, and getting a broader view of the different countries and people in Europe, I'm choosing the latter.

I will be numbering my days of this trip and the way the timing worked out, I left Maastricht the day the World Cup started, so my days (until it ends) will correspond with how long the WC has been going on.

With no further delay... here it is:

Friday, 11th of June
I got a later start today that I wanted to… oh well, it’s summer and I can do what I want J.  Took the train to Koln (my first time in Germany) and I really hadn’t prepared anything.  I talked to a few friends who I knew lived there but nobody I talked to was able to host me.  So I figured I’d find a hostel that night and see what happens.
About 5 minutes after getting off the train in Koln I ran into a friend from Maastricht (Monika) completely coincidentally and out of luck.  She’s a Koln local so we exchanged numbers and planned on getting together later.
I found a hostel for a little more than I hoped to pay, but it was in a good location, had free internet, and would let me keep my back in their lockers until late the next day… so I decided to book it.
After a little nap I did what I always do in a new city: walk!  I walked for a few hours after getting some suggestions on where to go.  I got together with another Maastricht friend who was in town.  We walked around some more and then went to a bar to watch a World Cup game.
I didn’t stay out very late that night…. No bars/anything.


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