Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 10: Buchs and Zermatt, Switzerland

Sunday, June 20, 2010
Because I was only going to be in Milan for less than 24 hours, just for the game, and now I was going to miss that, I decided to nix Italy all together and make today all about traveling around Switzerland.  So I continued my original plan of going to Buchs and then walking to Lichtenstein and back.  I then started to make my way to Interlaken.  On the train ride I met a group of girl-scouts from the ‘states.  Through conversation one of the girls told me that this trip to Europe was the first time this girl had been on a subway, train or plane.  I couldn’t believe how sheltered some people are!!

I was planning on going straight to Interlaken but fell asleep on the train and missed the stop.  I woke up for the next stop but that was already 2/3 the way to Zermatt.  I decided to go up to Zermatt and check out the Matterhorn.  I took the train up there (which, unfortunately, wasn’t covered under the Eurail… but oh well) and walked around for a bit.  I took a hike up into the wilderness.  It was definitely beautiful and a very adventurous town; every store/shop had to do with skiing, backpacking, climbing and other outdoor activities.  While I wasn’t able to take advantage of the environment for just a few hours, that is definitely a place I want to come back for a more outdoors-specific trip (although it’s rather expensive).

After Zermatt I took the train to Interlaken which arrived at ~10:30pm.  When I got there I was trying to scope out places to sleep and the train station seemed like a good place; it was warm, there was an outlet so I could continue my blog and watch a movie or so, and it would force me to wake up early to start my day the next day.  So I walked around Interlaken for a bit… found a McDonalds (which has become my best friend on the road, given that they all have free wireless).  It closed at midnight though, at which time I started walking around Interlaken to see as much of the city as I could, given the fact that I was exhausted and it was night.  I made my way back to the train station and of course! it was closed.  It was too late to find a hostel so I decided to try to sleep outside at the train station.  Well I underestimated how cold it was because I ended up putting on about 8 of my shirts, three pairs of shorts, two pairs of socks and was still cold and couldn’t get to sleep (of course, I tried for about 2 hours).  I eventually walked around and found a hotel where the receptionist let me hang out in the lobby until morning.  He also gave me the password to their internet (and as anyone who knows me at all would tell you, with an internet connection, or at least with Google Reader/News/Chat I could stay up for as long as I’d ever need).

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