Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 12: 6 Countries in 1 Day

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I woke up by my alarm fine and got all my stuff together and headed out to the train station to start my long day of travel back to Maastricht.  When my parents came and visited me, we drove from France to Belgium to the Netherlands and discussed how many countries we had gone to in one day (deliberately… not counting layovers etc).  The answer for all three of us was only 3 countries, so I’m planning on breaking that record; I have planned my trip from Geneva to Maastricht, going to 6 countries total: Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium & the Netherlands.  I plan to at least step out of the train station in each country and maybe go to a store or something, before continuing my ~15 hour day of travel.  

From Switzerland I took the train to Strasbourg, France.  I was there for about 45 minutes so I walked around a bit… nothing much to report there at all.

I then took the train to Saarbruken, Germany where I had a layover of 1.5 hours.  I walked around downtown for a bit, had lunch... went into the McDonalds expecting to get some internet time for a quick email-check but they had just opened and hadn’t set up the network yet.

Next was Luxembourg… I had already been to Luxembourg City so there wasn’t much new I could see in the hour I had there, but it still counts right?  I walked to a McDonalds because I wanted to check my email and figure out where I was staying that night (I had run out of money on my phone by this time), so I didn't really see all that much in Luxembourg.

Then I went to Liege, which I had to do anyway on the way to Maastricht.  I met some Canadian exchange students who had been there for a year and are leaving in a few weeks.  I talked with them for a bit about their experience/Liege and might actually go back tomorrow for an end-of-school party.

After that: home sweet home in Maastricht. My total travel time from leaving the apartment to where I was staying in Maastricht was from 6:45am to 12:30am... 18 hours.

(Side note: I told the guy whose apartment I stayed at that I would find another place to stay, as he told me his place was unavailable… I’m still unsure whether or not to tell him that I actually did spend the night in his room.  I’m also nervous that, because he always leaves his room unlocked, if he happens to get robbed between now and the time he gets back from his trip, I will be the one to blame.  I guess there’s nothing to do about that but hope for the best.) 

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  1. Very impressive. It's akin to going on all the rides at Disney Land in one day, except this experience is probably more beneficial. Keep up the good work, you only live once!