Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 2: Cologne, Germany

Saturday, 12th of June

I walked around on my own for a bit… then went back to my hostel to watch a soccer game.  In the afternoon I took a short train-ride to Monika’s house (just outside of cologne).  We then went back into the city… climbed up to the top of the Cathedral (great view).  Did some more walking around… had dinner and then went to the local American bar to watch the England-USA game.

Whenever I travel I like to meet Americans  and see where they’re from/why they’re in Europe etc.  Going to an American bar during the US soccer game made it that much easier.  Two people even recognized my Cal hat and told me they went there.  I also got a “Go Bears” cheer when I was walking up the Cathedral steps by someone on his way down.

After the game a few of Monika’s friends met us to go out to another bar.  In conversation I mentioned I was going to Munich the next day.  Well one of Monika’s friend’s  boyfriend is living in Munich for the summer so within 3 minutes they got me a place to stay.  (This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for when I came on this trip... I love connections and being flexible and meeting people from all over.  The social network around Europe is amazing.)

The clubbing in Cologne was definitely a lot of fun.  Overall: a great way to start out my trip.

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