Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 4: Munich & Vienna, Austria

Monday, 14th of June

I spent a few hours downtown in Munich, walking around seeing the sights/people.  There were a ton of people around (more American tourists than I’m used to).  I met up with Jacob Venzor, who has been in Munich since last fall, for lunch and we sat outside in a beer-garden where they had a tv setup outside to watch the Netherlands soccer game.

I then took another 4-hour train ride into Vienna, Austria (the trains, pictured to the left, are rather luxurious).  I had set up a couchsurf in Vienna, and my host told me the general direction of his house (metro stop etc) but I didn’t get all the details… I figured I’d just call him when I was there to get the actual address.  Well my host’s phone wasn’t working when I got to his neighborhood and after I tried calling about 20 times, I just started to look at every single apartment building and hope that his last name was on one of the doorbells.  After about 30 minutes of doing this I found his place and everything worked out fine.

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