Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 9: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I had breakfast at the dorm with Scott & Rene.  I was the first one to leave because I wanted to catch the train to Milan.  On my way walking through the city I passed by a group of Dutch guys all wearing jerseys watching the very start of the Netherlands/Japan game.  I decided to join them and watch the game, which made me miss my train.  The game was a lot of fun to watch and I walked to the train station after to try to figure out my options.  I could either take an overnight train to Milan at 2am, or an overnight train to Zurich at 9pm.  Well I really needed to be in Italy the next day because they play a game at 4pm.  So after going into a McDonalds and looking at the different trains I could take, I figured out my plan:  Take an overnight train to Zurich, get off a few stops early in Buchs (the nearest Swiss city to Lichtenstein), walk across the border to Lichtenstein… then take a train from Buchs to Milan in the morning… just in time to catch the Italy soccer game.  Well, I actually have no idea what happened but somehow the train (which said it was going to Zurich) went through Germany and it was already 10am by the time I got into Switzerland… which was way too late to catch my train to Milan.  

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