Friday, June 18, 2010

Trip with the Parents

Day 1 - Friday, May 21st
I met up with Mom and Dad in Paris on Friday evening.  It was great to see them again (it had been the longest time I think I’ve ever gone without seeing my parents).  We walked around Paris for a bit then went to bed.  One of the cool things going on that evening was that all of the kids (from ages 16 to low 20s) in town were hanging out on the bridges of the Seine river.  Everyone was drinking wine, playing music, hanging out… it really seemed like a fun event and is definitely where I’d start my weekend evenings if I lived in Paris.
Day 2 - Saturday, May 22nd
We took a morning walking tour of the Opera district in Paris then drove to Mont St. Michele… walked around and up to the top of the Monastery.  It was very pretty, but nothing too notable.
We ate dinner on our way to our “hotel” at a really small place in a quiet town and missed the Champion’s League Final.
Our hotel in Normandy was an old castle now turned into a house.  We arrived when the owners (a British couple) were having dinner party with other guests/friends.  They were getting pretty drunk and having a good time, but it was a rather funny scene to stumble upon when checking in to a hotel.

Day 3 - Sunday, May 23rd
Today was our history day.  We went to a few Normandy museums & the beaches that were stormed during the invasion… watched some old movies/documentaries about the events.  Went to the memorial cemetery.  While it wasn’t the most exciting trip I’ve been on with my parents, it was definitely interesting and worth it, in my opinion.

Day 4 - Monday, May 24th
On our way back to Maastricht we drove to Bruges and walked around for a few hours… had lunch/beer/chocolate (perfect for Belgium).  It was pretty/quaint but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend much more than an afternoon there… nothing much to report.
We drove to Maastricht. Mom and dad came to the guesthouse/met Evan and then went to their hotel and left me to keep packing all the stuff I wanted them to take home (essentially anything I didn’t want to take with me over summer).

Day 5 - Tuesday, May 25th
I didn’t have class that day so met my parents out for lunch.  We walked all around Maastricht from the river to the park to the school, had lunch with Evan and then I had to go back and finish packing.
I went out to dinner that night (Thai food) with M&D, Evan, Phil/Gabe, Jaime/Gaspar.  It was a great dinner… love all those boys.
Mom and dad left early the next morning so that was my goodbye.

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