Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 18: Paris, France

Monday, June 28, 2010

Andy and I went grocery shopping to prepare for our trip (which included buying beers, because I knew they’d be cheaper in the Netherlands than anywhere else we were going).  Then we were off to Paris.  We hadn’t made a reservation for the train to Paris (it was the first time I even had to make a reservation on a train) and the original train we wanted to take was full but it turned out to be for the better because in exploring other options we found a slower route to Paris for only 6 euros, instead of the 30+ it would have costed.  When we got to Paris we first had to meet up with John & Jim who had forgotten a few things in Maastricht.  We then split up because we both had friends in Paris that could host us.  

I met up with Molly Niffenegger and put my stuff at her place and then went to bar for Brazil/Chile game.  Molly introduced me to her friends from her program  We then went out to a few other bars, including a fun one which gave a free shot to the first person who could correctly name the artist whenever the song changed.  So every time the bartender went over to the computer to pick a new song, everyone crowded over to the bar and would try to shout over each other to get picked.  I won my free shot with Uptown Girl by Billy Joel (great song!)

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