Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 22: Paris, France

Friday, July 2, 2010

Slept in, went grocery shopping, Watched the Netherlands/Brasil game. We hung out and celebrated for a bit (Kevin’s roommate, Drew, is a big Dutch fan).  Eventually we went to the train station to catch an overnight train to Barcelona.  I think I got a very skewed perspective of the Eurail pass when I first started traveling around because none (absolutely 0) of the trains I went on in my first two week of travel required a reservation.  This included the high speed and overnight trains I went on.  Well apparently in France that isn’t the case.  For most of the trains in France you have to make a reservation beforehand.  Unfortunately, you can’t make these reservations online (only at the train station) so when we got there everything to Spain was booked.  In fact, according to the woman behind the counter.  EVERYTHING was booked for the next few days.  When and I found out we couldn’t go to Barcelona we asked about any train to southern France (near there) and that was all booked.  The same was the case for Italy, Switzerland, AND Germany.  We actually could have made it down there but the trains only reserve a limited number of seats for Eurail pass holders, but if we wanted to pay full price and buy a regular ticket, it would have been about 100 euros.  So eventually Andy and I asked if we could take ANY train out of Paris the next day and apparently the only option was to Brussels (the exact opposite direction of where we wanted to go, but we booked it anyway just to get out of Paris and hopefully find our way down to Barcelona eventually.  So we went back to Kevin’s apartment and surprised them and stayed there for yet another night.

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