Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 23: Geneva, Switzerland

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Andy and I went to the train station to get our train to Brussels and decided to wait in line and see if there was anything else we could do about getting to Barcelona.  At the train station in the morning, an employee ended up booking us on a train to Geneva, Switzerland, which we immediately booked but it really pissed me off that we weren’t told about that the night before.  I overheard some guys behind us in line saying that they were going to Amsterdam, so we ended up giving our Brussels tickets to them.  Either way: Fuck French Trains. 

After a few trains we arrived in Geneva in the evening… We found a hostel that was mentioned in my guidebook and hoped that they’d have room available.  The hostel was the biggest I’d been to, but not very impressive and there was no sense of community (everyone was just kinda on their own, and there were many more “old” people than I’d expect or am used to).  So we did meet a few cool guys there, but there wasn’t really any “hanging out” area in the hostel.  Andy and I watched the Spain/Paraguay game in a really big bar with a ton of other Spanish fans.  And just like I noticed the last time I was in Geneva for a Spain game, there were a ton of people celebrating all around the city all night, so Andy and I walked around in the energy for a while at night.

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