Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 27: Barcelona, Spain

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
Andy and I went to the train station for a while this morning to try to figure out how we were getting to Pamplona.  The entire train station was pretty hectic so it took us a while to get any valuable information.  We did get our train ticket to Pamplona and actually saw some guys who had just gotten back from there.  They were telling stories about the “running”.  Then we went to Francesco’s (my couchsurfing host from when I visited Barcelona over spring break) place to drop off our stuff.  We didn’t want to bring our big backpacks out to Pamplona so we just kept them in Barca for the few days we’d be gone.  We then went to Park Guell.  Because I had been to Barcelona recently and Andy hasn’t been in 10+ years, I asked him to do some research and pick a place or two he really wanted to see.  He picked Park Guell.  Because I had been there recently I knew how to get there… but my brother, in his extensive research, also “knew” how to get there and chose to take us on a different metro line that he swore was close.  Well we ended up getting lost and walking around for about 2 hours before actually getting there (this was the first time Andy had taken initiative in directing us… I wonder why J ). 

We then went out downtown to find the public viewing area to watch the semifinal between Spain and Germany.  People I asked said there would be a big screen at one of the main plazas.  When we got there, there was no public viewing area.  In fact, there was almost nobody watching the game.  We had to walk down three or four streets in order to find a bar that was showing it on a projector.  A fair amount of people showed up for the game but for the SEMIFINALS it was a very poor showing.  Part of the reason is because they’re part of the Basque Country and many people in the area want autonomy from Spain.  We then had a similar night to the one before of: drinking and hanging out at the hostel with friends.

That night Andy and I slept downstairs in the common-room of the hostel on couches.  I guess technically we weren’t supposed to do that but c’est la vie. 

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