Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Trip - Day 39: Marseille, France

Monday, July 19, 2010

Today Andy and I got driven to Toulon.  Andy only has a few days left of his trip here so his plan was to go to Copenhagen straight from Toulon while I continued to Marseille to try to find my Eurail pass.  It turned out that the trains he needed to take were all full so his plans didn’t work out and he ended up going to Italy instead.  I went to Marseille without buying an actual ticket for the train.  I was hoping that they just wouldn’t check… the conductor(s) checked most of the tickets around me and passed me a few times but for some reason never asked for my ticket (I just pretended to look busy on my computer).  Either way, I think I could have pulled off the: “looking for my Eurail pass and freaking out when I didn’t find it” enough so that I wouldn’t have to actually pay for a ticket.  When I got to Marseille I went to the lost and found, with no luck.  I then went to the Police there to try and fill out a police-report for the loss (in hopes to get reimbursed some from Eurail).  The police were the most unhelpful and when I finally got to talk to someone who spoke basic English, she just said that lost items weren’t the police’s problem and sent me on my way.  At this point I gave up the remote chance that I’d find my Eurail pass again and took a bus to airport (Marseille is a Ryanair hub).  

I bought a flight to London, which was more expensive than I wanted to pay but I have a friend in London to stay with so I figured that’s where I’ll make up the money.  I spent the night in the airport, sleeping maybe 2 hours

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